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I must start off by first saying that I felt like Ms. Allison had jumped into my head and gave me everything I ever wanted in a MMF book. What's not to love about two men with one woman, right? Carrie is one seriously lucky lady and believe me, she knows it! Bradley is balls to the wall and ready for everything, especially love. Now Bruce, he is shy and reserved and is having a hard time with all these conflicting emotions. But he is so ready for something. I don't think he realized what he was in store for and neither will you. This was so easy to give 5 amazing stars. This book has so much love and emotion I can not even begin to explain it, and quite frankly I don't want to. Dear readers buy this book and find out for yourselves what an amazing talent CJ Allison is. I promise you will not be sorry. Happy Reading!

This is a great quick summer read! Finding Patience flowed very well start to finish. I hope we see more of Chance and Patience in the next book. I'll definitely be reading more from this author. I love finding new authors and starting with their first book. And watching them grow with their writing! Can't wait to see what C.J. Allison come out with next!

5 Star Amazon Review of Finding Patience

I read this story in one sitting and loved every word of it. The banter and back and forth between Patience and Chance is wonderful and makes you fall in love with these two characters. The story is top notch and the pace is perfect. Its a kind hearted love story that will have you rooting for the characters and leave you wanting more even though its Hea but it is perfectly done. Well done CJ, perfect debut soo look forward to what else this author has to give us in the future.

5 Star Amazon Review of Finding Patience 

5 Star Amazon Review of Finding Us


Avid book reader, beta reader turned author.

This started as a bucket list item that took a life of it's own. 

Who knew one book would lead to a series and more!

Love all Pittsburgh sports teams. 

Mother, Sister, Daughter. Introverted extrovert. 

Hopeless romantic at heart.


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